Research and Development

Sri Ramachandrapura Math right from its inception is striving continuously for the betterment
of mankind. The present 36 th Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi
Mahaswamiji has extended this noble work in all the directions, may it be mankind,
Goumatha, nature and what not..but everything.

The resultant of these extensive social activites of Sri Math is Kamadugha project. Realising
the importance and the need to preserve our Indigenous cows, His Holiness Sri Swamiji
initiated this mega project two decades ago with an objective of protection, preservation,
propagation and conduct Research on heritage breeds of cows. This very unique project and
movement aims towards sustainability of Agro-Eco-Economic and Culture through
conservation of heritage cattle breeds.

Recently His Holiness Sri Swamiji realized the need to take up various Research activities on
Indegenous cows and on Indian culture. A new Research wing (Samshodhna Khanda) was
recently started at Sri Math with a responsibility to carryout Research for the betterment of
Indigenous cows and our Indian culture. In making this dream into reality Sri Swamiji
decided to build a center of excellence for preservation of heritage breed of cows , Research
on Indian culture & practices, Agro science methodology and innovative technology
development. It is on the way of realization very soon.

The proposed research center will be established at Gou Swarga, Bhankuli, siddapur, where
in various aspects related to Indigenous cows & its products and Indian culture will be taken
systematically backed up with scientific and technological advances of the present.

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