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Sri Matha was established by Adi Shankaracharya around 1300 years ago in Ashoke, near Gokarna. While travelling across the length and breadth of Bharat, HisHoliness AdiShankaracharya visited Gokarna and having sensed divinity of the place at Sri Mallikarjuna Temple at Ashoke, he established this Matha, which has seen thirty-five heads of Peetha since then. Present Peethadhyaksha , Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharati Mahaswamiji, is the thirty-sixth Guru to preside over the august Peetha. Sri Swamiji is widely known for his efforts over the last two decades in preservation of Bharatiya breed of cows. Prominent efforts in this direction are

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A yatra that was undertaken by HisHoliness covering many states and over eight crores signatures were obtained on a petition seeking complete ban on cow slaughter. The petition was later submitted to Mrs. Pratibha Patil, the then President of Bharat;


This yatra, named after Mangal Pandey, the hero of first freedom struggle of 1857, mainly covered the states of south India and some places in neighbouring Maharashtra to create an awakening among the masses on the need to preserve the indigenous cow breeds.

In addition to the above, SriMatha has undertaken awareness initiatives like AmrutaPatha (campaign to clean plastic from the roads to save cows), AmritaGarbha (operation to cows who have fallen ill due to consumption of plastic), GouSanjivini (purchasing abattoir -bound cows from the slaughters and protecting them in goushalas) etc which have become very popular among the masses.

Presently, SriMatha is actively engaged in establishing Vishnugupta Vishwa Vidyapeetha, a center for learning for all Baratiya heritage knowledge forms, be it vedas, shastras, puranas, various art forms etc. This institution is planned to be modeled after the Takshashila Vishwavidyalaya, where Acharya Vishnugupta studied and later on became its Head Acharya. You can view more on this project through the link..

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